Monthly Goals – Merry May

Health and Fitness

  • Go walking (2/5): Did one super long walk to the water intake plant and back (2.5 hours). Also walking occasionally to work, although not consistently. Weather has been on and off, rather cold for May, which has turned me off from going outside.
  • Work on myofascial release (1/5): Bought the Physical Therapy bundle off Cody but it was just way too busy this month being on the road so much.


  • Continue with WRDSB paperwork (3/5): My mom and uncle drove out to Waterloo to pick up my paperwork, and after getting sorted out, I finally started my online training. I finished it this afternoon, but only a week into June, and not in May, as I originally intended.
  • Make connections at OAME (2/5): Made one new friend, N. Also reconnected with T., the prof who has been mentoring me, and J., a friend from university. Didn’t end up going to all my sessions though, because of the car troubles and just being tired.

Personal Development

  • Research car insurance (4/5): On one of my sick days, I ended up calling a whole bunch of places. I’ll likely settle on OTIP.
  • Watch 3 Canadian Investors Conference videos (0/5): This fell on the back burner. Not a biggie.
  • Make a communication agreement (3/5): As my relationship is going to become long-distance, we just went over a general communication agreement to follow.

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