New Steam Games and Steam Summer Sale

I had purchased Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes ($15) off Steam back in the fall; I had received a recommendation for it by a Grade 5 teacher when looking for games in the classroom. I hadn’t gotten around to testing it until J. and I finally started playing it last weekend, after report cards marks were submitted and I felt a giant weight off my chest.

If you’re looking for a quick game to help with your communication skills, this is perfect for that. You need at least two players. One person looks at the instruction manual, while one person works on the bomb (the laptop screen) as the defuser. The defuser starts off by describing the individuals modules, and the other person then looks through the manual and gives instructions on what to do. Each module is a puzzle that has a specific set of rules and changes with each new bomb. You are allowed 2 strikes (errors) within 5 minutes (or less), before the bomb explodes and you lose the game.

As of Friday, J. and I worked through the first two sections and have a good handle on the basics. We haven’t yelled at each other (yet), but he seems to do better deciphering and giving me instructions, while I describe and work through the puzzles. I hope that one day I’ll get to play this in a classroom!


And of course, this is the time of the famous Steam summer sale! The prices ae amaaaaazing. Games that might normally go for $15-30 can be purchased for just a few bucks. Of course, while I won’t be gaming much during the summer, I decided to purchase a few items off my wish list.

The one I was most hesitant about was Car Mechanic Simulator 2015, but since I would like to learn more about cars – honestly, I don’t even know where my air filter is – I decided that $3.29 was a steal, even if I don’t make use of the entire game.

Pretty excited about these purchases!



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