Road Trip to Waterloo

Earlier this week, J. and I stayed overnight in Kitchener. I drove in to take a class at the yoga studio that I may be potentially doing my Yoga Teacher Training at, just to reconnect with the studio owner, as well as check out the rental unit for September.

I also started walking around in my new Vibram FiveFingers ($115), which I picked up at Mountain Equipment Co-op on Tuesday (more on this in another post). We* tested them out with a short hike at Elora Gorge, just half an hour northeast of Waterloo.

My last month’s rent been sent off and I’m feeling good about my YTT application. It was a pretty product trip, so we rewarded ourselves with a dinner at the local Golden Turtle Restaurant. J. got a big bowl of rare beef phở and my tom yum bún was memorable. We finished it off with pineapple and soursop shakes!

*J. hates how weird Five Fingers look, but he has a pair of zero-drop minimalist shoes from Merrell.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip to Waterloo

  1. It sounds like you have some great activities planned for Waterloo! I took yoga teacher training a few years ago ago and thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. Sadly the last 2-3 years I have not been doing as much yoga as I would like but starting next month as I move into a less busy job, I will be back at yoga.

    • I love checking out new places! I just found out I’m not too far from a pole fitness studio and a jiu jitsu studio, a 5 minute bike ride away. Haven’t decided which one I want to take up yet, but maybe one of those too!! I’ve missed taking lessons!

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