Ok Google Commands

I’ve recently started exploring Ok Google commands. Here’s a list of fairly useful commands from CNET. Personally, I started using it while driving and have been using the following while navigating:

  • “Open Google Maps”
  • “Go home” (after you’ve set a specific address as “home” or “work”)
  • “Increase / decrease volume”
  • “Stop navigation”

Other commands that seem to be working, other than doing a Google search:

  • “Define antidisestablishmentarianism.” (our grade 5 teacher forced us to learn this word by heart and spell it as fast as we can)
  • “Continue the podcast.”
  • “What is the weather in Toronto?” (it can also recognize the word Waskaganish!)
  • “Show me my messages.” (also great for driving)
  • “Start a timer for two minutes.” (for steeping my Earl Grey tea)
  • “On Spotify, play Sorry by Justin Bieber.” (the screen tends to get stuff and the song doesn’t get played … argh)
  • “Show me my calendar.” (been using Google Calendar since 2007)
  • “Make a note in Evernote.” (have a paid subscription)

I have to say it’s pretty handy although I find I’m struggling to get it working smoothly with Spotify. I’ll have to keep practicing using it, although it probably eats up a lot of my battery.

Have you used Ok Google commands?



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