Doing What You Know and Working on What You Don’t Know (Yet)

A few years ago, I purchased rockclimbing gear at Mountain Equipment Co-Op. I had a few friends who were climbing regularly at The Rock Oasis and I wanted to join them on a regular basis.

Last night, I tried my shoes on again. They were tighter than usual, partly because I’ve been barefoot walking a lot and my feet have increased in size. I hadn’t touched the equipment more than once every year or two, since I wasn’t living in Toronto and didn’t have access to a climbing wall.

A couple of days ago, I found someone from the Bunz community to go with me. E. and I met up this morning at The Rock Oasis and we had a grand time. I was initially nervous when belaying her, but as I sat into my harness, pull the slack through the grigri, the muscle memory started clicking in again.

In the evening, I went to Ashbridges’ Bay. I had offered to sub in for a friend’s intermediate 6s. I hadn’t played much volleyball in years, but as I started warming up, I remembered how to volley, how to set, dig and even spike a little!

It’s amazing how much you really know. I mean, it’s in your head, it’s in your heart, it’s in your muscles. You can step away from something and, over time, lose confidence in your personal skills. Yet, often, it’s just like riding a bike. You don’t forget anything really. You might wobble and topple a few times, yet your body and your brain is just trying to remember how it did it so fluidly once.

So what else do we know, so long ago, that we think we’ve forgotten?

What else is buried within us, beneath unnecessary fears, regrets and doubts? How much misery do we bring upon ourselves when we question our own capabilities? Why do we stop ourselves?

This was a wonderful reminder of, not only my vibrant social life in Toronto that was merely put on hold, but the attitude that made me who I am – the fun of physical movement, laughing with others, having fun no matter what season and taking on new challenges. I could not have had such an open heart without the protection and love of my parents. And when I was up north, far away from my family and friends, I continued to challenge myself in new ways – trying out all the things that I hate!

So I am excited to think, after 34 years, what else does my future hold?


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