Monthly Goals – July

Health and Fitness

  • Find a family doctor (0/5): Put this off to next month as I’ve decided it may be easier to find a doctor in Waterloo.
  • Visit Queen Street Yoga and apply for YTT program (5/5): Done and done. Got accepted into the program and even paid my deposit of $565.
  • Walk around parks (2/5): Looking to do more shinrin yoku a.k.a. “forest bathing”. This worked out really well at the beginning of July, when I was hitting up several parks around Toronto. It petered out when I started getting busy and meeting up with family and friends.
  • Learn about barefoot walking (5/5): Definitely knocked this goal out of the park! Got a pair of FiveFingers the first week I was back in Toronto and been wearing them an average of 3-5 times a week. Also tested them out on gravel in Waskaganish too.

Teaching / Professional Development

  • Reconnect with teachers in Ottawa (3/5): Ended up meeting with my former principal, who is still one of my work references. J. and I stayed over at her house and hung out with the family. As a thank you for her hospitality, I actually bought her daughter a couple of books – Wonder and Shaun Tan’s The Arrival – with some leftover Amazon credits, since she really likes reading. Was suppose to meet with a former colleague, but unfortunately, he never replied or confirmed getting together.*


  • Watch two Canadians Investor Conference videos (0/5): Never got around to it. Been busy.
  • Learn about tenant rights (0/5): Fell down list of priorities.
  • Learn how to barter on Bunz (4/5): This has been my obsession lately. I’ve made one trade so far, which was a copy of the card game The Resistance. I gave away a bottle of moscato and a Stella tall boy. This was a good first trade, because N. and I chatted a bit and she gave me lots of great tips to start! I might even have a new lunch buddy as she works out of Waterloo but lives in Toronto. However, I will be careful with trading and should only go for items I really want, as I don’t want to waste time driving around for something I don’t need.


  • Explore Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 (0/5): Fell down the list. No time since being so busy.
  • Learn OK Google commands (4/5): As I have been driving a LOT this month, it made sense that I finally start using some of the OK Google voice commands. This will come in handy when I am driving around Waterloo and Kitchener, so I need to start learning now! I need to also learn how to use it safely so that I am not distracted while driving on the road. There is a learning curve to all this!

*I’ve noticed this has happened with weaker relationships where correspondence occurred mainly on Facebook. I had just deleted my account back in early July after 5 years of being forced to use it in the north.


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