Saturday Date Night: Falafels and A New Board Game

Yeahhhh, I’ve spent too much money in the past few months – I can’t help but think of the two new winter tires from last week – and my net worth chart shows it. I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff that I haven’t gotten around to doing yet, but will be perfect once the snowy, cold winter blows in.

Since arriving back in Waskaganish last night from the Grade 11 Orientation Trip*, I decided that I wouldn’t spend any more money this weekend.**

So as a Saturday date night for J. and I, I made a Middle Eastern platter. There were no pitas on hand, but I cut up some Romaine lettuce and threw on tomatoes, grilled zucchinis, red onions, (canned) beets and olives. I then garnished it with some tahini, sesame seeds, sesame oil and pomegranate seeds.

Too bad I didn’t have any garlic sauce or cilantro on hand!


Afterward, we broke out Trains: Rising Sun. It’s a board game that J. picked up for me back in September, but sat unopened in the cupboard. The first version was released in 2012, but I had only played it for the first time this summer with my friends M. and C. in Albany, New York. It was a good balance between Catan and Dominion, so I felt like J. would enjoy this, since I hate Catan and he hates Dominion!

We had a great time tonight. There may have been some rum and cokes involved, as well as some shouting. Can’t wait to try this again.


*The Orientation Trip is an annual trip where we bring Grade 11 students to see college campuses around Ontario and Quebec. The trip typically lasts 5-6 days.

**Other than groceries.