Updated Koodo Plan

Made some changes to my cellphone plan with Koodo. I went from a $57 plan with 2 GB and unlimited text and call to a $60 plan with 4 GB with unlimited text but limited minutes (1000). The minutes aren’t a big deal, because I am nowhere even close to using 16 hours of talk time a month!

It’s the data that I have to fret about, because sometimes I need to use a website at work and end up tethering. Earlier this week, I actually ended up tethering and downloading 400 MB of video because I was trying to work on an assignment. That pitched me over the 2 GB mark easily, before month end, so I’ll be paying another $5 extra.

As it’s happened a couple of times in the past year, paying $3 more a month to ensure that doesn’t happen seems like a much better approach!

Siggghhh, thank goodness my online course will be over soon.



An Unexpected Expense

My Moto G cellphone started acting funny a few weeks ago; when I make a call, the screen goes completely blank and even tapping the area where you’d expect each key to be, it is not functional. Therefore, I can no longer access my voicemail.

I called Koodo this morning; my phone, still less than a year old, is still under warranty but I’d have to bring it into a shop myself … not really a choice considering I’m so isolated. I could have also held off until Goose Break, two months from now, but by the time I’d get back to Toronto, the 1-year warranty would have been over … by a mere week. And since I had applied for a job recently, I am a bit concerned if I miss an important call.

The customer service rep gave me a decent offer though; she said that they could wipe my existing Koodo Tab of $55 if I purchased a new phone. I didn’t have much of a choice; and while I have held myself to a shopping ban, I can’t function without a working phone. I ordered a Samsung Galaxy SIII ($150). When it arrives, I’ll mail the other one back down to get it fixed.

More Backbends and Handstand Training

Cellphone plan: I downgraded my current 1 GB plan ($60) to the 500 MB ($45). Since I don’t need data very often – Internet at school is faster than it is at home – I thought I’d save some money.

Handstand practice: Did some tick-tocks (video) for the first time, as well as shoulder taps. The tick-tocks were scary at first, but after a little while, I got used to them. Shoulder taps also took a little while to get used to; when I initially started, I noticed that I balanced very well on my left hand but would fall over when I had to balance on my right. I had to consciously make an effort to be more balanced on each side and was fine after that.

Yoga toys: Oh, I would love a Liforme yoga mat. I did the calculations, converting it from US dollars, but even after a 10% discount, a single mat would cost about $190 CAD including shipping. My eyes just went wide when I saw the order and clicked ‘canceled’. Instead, I decided to treat myself to a Dharma Wheel instead. Still pretty pricey at $136 CAD for a PVC ring … *blush*. It’s a little birthday present to myself so that I can continue working on my backbends in a safe manner.

Wheel pose: This is a tough pose; it requires your entire body to be working together. I have been practicing this the past week. It is getting much better, although I should be careful about crunching my lower back. Having my forearms in a yoga strap helped guide my arms to better support my body; I believe my arms were previously in bad form, making the pose itself much more difficult. I also started trying to balance on one leg, no easy feat!

Here’s the best wheel the whole week, with a slight leg variation:

Big Fat Surprise

I’m a bit miffed at myself.

Earlier this week, I joined a conference call with the charity I worked for last year. They were hosting a focus group with alumni to see how they could build better teams when traveling in the north.

I neglected to use a calling card for the call and dialed American number for the e-conference room. Then this morning, saw that I was charged $65.70 for it.


Ughhhh, totally my fault. I’ll have to pay this one.

Unecessary Add-Ons

Early in December, a Koodo representative called me while I was at work. He talked me into adding a $10 plan of an additional 100 anytime minutes. At the time, I was busy cleaning out the turtle tank and became agreeable. I regret saying ‘yes’ because I never ended up using these minutes.

The lesson I learned? Stop what you’re doing when someone is talking to you. While I don’t consider myself having been ‘suckered in’ – the guy was just doing his job and asking me straightforward questions – I ended up agreeing to something I didn’t need because I was distracted.

Multitasking on the phone just doesn’t work.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 12.41.22 PM