House Cleaning: Bathroom Edition

One of the habits I never really learned at home was how to clean. I never did any cleaning – other than vacuuming – until I went to university. When I shared a house with other people, we had a schedule of when we’d clean the bathroom and take out the trash, but even then, I don’t remember cleaning consistently or thoroughly.
Since moving up north, I’ve been using YouTube tutorials to learn tips and tricks. One of my favourite YouTube channels is Clean My Space with Melissa Maker. Since feeling a bit more confident now, I thought I’d share the process in which I use to clean the bathroom. I took these photos last Saturday. Since J. and I decided to invite people over for board games, we did a big clean in the afternoon before our guests arrived.
  1. Go high to low. This is the first step, as J. taught me. You always start with the dust in high corners, so that it can fall to the ground. I take a broom and just sweep through all the corners. Any cobwebs or dust will fall down, to be wiped up or vacuumed later on. It is also a good way just to check the ceiling for mold, in case it needs to be addressed.IMG_20170325_124743559
  2. Wipe down high frequency areas. I use a general eco-friendly foam cleaner and wipe down all the handles and the light switch, as these are areas that are touched frequently and might accumulate dirt and bacteria. My only issue is that I often forget the door handle on the outside of the bathroom.IMG_20170325_125741656
  3. Make it shine! I love cleaning the mirror. It just makes the whole room look nicer. We currently are trying to use up our Windex and will be replacing it with a more environmentally option from Method.Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.32.08 PM
  4. Wipe down the counters. With the general cleaner, I wipe down the entire counter, after having removed everything from the surface. I let the cleaner sit for a few minutes so that any dirt can be broken down. This is called “dwell time”, which I learned about from Melissa Maker, of her YouTube channel, Clean My Space.IMG_20170325_125300537
  5. Toilet time. I continue using the general cleaner with the toilet. Then I use a bit of Clorox for a serious scrub around the bowl. You can dangle the toilet brush between the seat and the bowl so that the brush can drip dry. Now go back to the counters and wipe off that foam!IMG_20170325_130050971
  6. Scrub the walls and windows. I don’t wash all the walls, but I definitely clean the wall next to the toilet, because splashback really does happens, as much as we like to pretend it doesn’t. For the windows, I like to clean the fine corners with a toothbrush. If you don’t have one on hand, then use a Q-tip (but that becomes an costly habit if you’re constantly throwing them away).IMG_20170325_131029501 (1)
  7. Scrub the shower and bathtub. Again, starting from top to bottom. I use an eco-friendly store-bought tile spray, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then wipe it off. For the tub, I use a bit of Clorox, as there is often buildup from the bath bombs and bubble baths I take. And if there’s pink mold? Have no fear! Using a quick mix of 1/2 cup of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid (it’ll turn into a paste) works amazingly well, like magic!
  8. Mop the floor. Do a quick vacuum or sweep first, then time to finish and mop it up!


  9. Freshen up. As you can see in a couple of the pictures, I also like to have scented candles to make it smell nicer. I often get large blocks of candles from Ikea as the scents are fairly pleasant and the cost per candle is decent.

Those are the main steps that I take. As I learn more from YouTube tutorials or blogs, I become more and more efficient at cleaning each time.

If you have any tips, please share in the comments!