Monthly Goals: October

Not any big goals this month, but not too bad.

  • Squat and bench press (1/5): As the plan to have a squat partner didn’t work out, I ended up getting a Cody plan to follow … doh, I only went once. It’s not my favourite thing to do; I need to push myself harder!  
  • Try two new recipes (4/5): Made yolos from Oh She Glows! by Angela Liddon. They are pureed dates wrapped in chocolate. Pretty good as a post-workout snack, but I need to use better quality chocolate next time. Also tried a sesame-tahini salad dressing from the same cookbook and learned how to make a London fog. Was also in Montreal for a week so I didn’t cook as much.
  • Complete 10-day mediation intro (5/5): Completed the free “Take 10” program on the app Headspace. I ended up continuing it and paying for a year-long subscription for approximately $100 CAD.
  • Research a new credit card (3/5): Looked for a new Visa but wasn’t quite happy with what was out there, so I am keeping my TD Visa Rewards Rebate card, even though the return isn’t quite so rewarding anymore. Canceled my old American Express and replaced it with a American Express Gold through the Ontario College of Teachers’ perks program. This will officially be my first charge card; in the first year, the annual fee is waived. With the bonus Amex points, I can cash in approximately $175 worth of gas cards. In subsequent years, instead of paying an annual fee of $150/year, I pay $100/year. So the card pays for itself for nearly the first 3 years. Travel points can be cashed out to other rewards systems and aren’t necessarily tied to specific programs like Aeroplan.
  • Increase donation amount (5/5): Increased my monthly donation from $15 to $20 a month with Plan Canada.
  • Download credit report (5/5): My one year free membership for Equifax ended! So I downloaded my credit score and it’s still floating around 800.
  • Cancel Audible membership (5/5): I will not renew my Platinum membership ($230). I’ve had the same membership plan for two years now and really enjoyed it but have not had enough time to listen to all my books. There are about 10 audiobooks just waiting for me!
Professional Development
  • Work on Mandarin (3/5): I reviewed 22 of Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese, which I’ve probably done three times now! Completed unit 23 but will need to review it before I go onto 24. Purchased units 1 through 15 of Phase 2 for the upcoming year! I am committed to learning more Mandarin!
  • Complete workshop (5/5): I ran my second workshop, Fixed vs. Growth Mindset, for my school board. It was very successful; there were 30 people in attendance  and people loved it! They stayed engaged the whole time, there was a lot of discussion and no one was playing on their cellphones (this is now a common problem in workshops). Not only that, but I was paid $250 for it, which wasn’t too bad! Never been paid to do a workshop before. I didn’t think I would be paid so that was a pleasant surprise.
  • Explore Digital Tools (1/5): Played around briefly with Asana but have no current need to use it. Didn’t review any other tools.

Writing Across the World

I’m a terrible donor. I get a beautiful drawing from my foster child in Vietnam, look at it and then totally forget about it for a month … Today, I found the letter in my drawer and finally guilted myself into writing a letter back.

Thought I would post this beautiful drawing. Maybe one day I will go visit her.