Long Weekend Expenses

Some expenses and notes from the long weekend:

Maintenance of electronics: I cracked my iPad Air screen pretty badly a few weeks ago. I made an appointment in Val D’Or to get it replaced ($183) and obviously purchased an iPad cover ($20) to prevent future damage.

Shopping: Really didn’t buy much at all. Refrained from buying anything and it worked out that I went to the gym in Rouyn for 2 hours (free) which kept me out of the mall! Plus I am on the road with the Grade 11s for the next 5 days – to check out some colleges – so I might as well save it for that.

Vehicle: Changed the winter tires on and paid for seasonal storage ($130).

Hotel: Booked an additional night by myself in Amos ($130) My family kindly offered to cover my hotel for the nights I stayed with them since I had to cover my own gas for the trip.