Monthly Goals – April

Health and Fitness
  • Write yoga blog posts (0/5): Part of the YTT homework due in May. I’m behind on my assignments … argh!
  • Walk regularly (5/5): Carrot Rewards app has helped, as well as having friends to push me along. So far I’ve paired up with B., I., C. and M. for my step challenges. I’ve taken some walks outside the house in the evenings and a few in the park. Sometimes parking farther away from my destination – as Katy Bowman has suggested on her podcast – to gett some extra steps.
  • Continue to sort out medical appointments (5/5): After a few years, took an eye exam with an optometrist ($70). Found out that my eyes had gotten slightly worse. The optometrist said the difference wasn’t so great that I’d have to change my contact lens right away; just use up my old ones and reorder new ones. Also got a general blood work test (covered by OHIP) and discovered that my vitamin B12 levels are great but my iron storage is not. Started to readjust my diet this past week and also bought iron pills (150 mg dosage). Have to cut back on black tea … sigh. I did have a bubble tea the other day.
  • Track medical expenses (5/5): While doing taxes, we realized I will need this for 2018 taxes. Have an Excel spreadsheet on my computer.
  • Type up auto expenses (0/5): Get an idea of how much I’ve spent in the past 5 years on my car. Never started on this … procrastinating.
  • Check out Classtime app (0/5): Forgot to do this.
  • Started a Perkopolis account (5/5): Done! Used it to get Wicked tickets for July.
Professional Development
  • Add stimulation to turtle tank (3/5): Bought some ghost shrimp for the tank, as well as some pebbles and a banquet block, Had to remove the pebbles because I had issue with them getting into the filter (this has happened in the past)
  • Create a cleaning schedule (1/5): Started reading FlyLady website,but haven’t done much.
  • Get involved with library initiatives (4/5): Will be volunteering for Forest of Reading and subbed for J., helped to finish a presentation on researching through the Learning Commons
  • Attend an OSSTP workshop (4/5): Was a wee bit late for the workshop due to tutoring. Attended a workshop earlier this week on getting the most out of Gsuite tools. Got some really cool tips!

Monthly Goals – March

Health and Fitness
  • Catch up on YTT class hours (3/5): I need to attend 30 more classes before end of June, as part of my homework. That means I need about 10 classes each month, before July In March, so far I’ve had 7 classes. Need to keep attending more!
  • Try a new studio (4/5): Did this on the last day of March! Part of my yoga teacher training homework. Now have to fill out my participation worksheet.
  • Start a spreadsheet to start claiming medical expenses (4/5): While doing taxes, we realized I will need this for 2018 taxes. Got this started but need to revisit the exact dollar mounts through my receipts. Carry this over to next month
  • Go climbing (3/5): Went climbing twice – once at GRR and once at The Core
  • Order a Squatty Potty (5/5): This has been a goal I totally forgot about for at least a year. Just did it last week. It should come in by April. As Bowman says, #stackyourlife!
  • Start using Twitter again (3/5): Share math resources and get active again.
  • Be amazing at practice teaching (3/5): Didn’t do as much full yoga class practice teaching with friends and family. Practiced with P., N., J. and Liz. Also did the glute/hip/quad work with two people, including my sister.
  • Get feedback for YTT classes (2/5): Developed a Google Form to received feedback. Only used it once as I didn’t do many full yoga classes.
Finance / Professional Development
  • File taxes (5/5): Mom helped me do most of the work and even got my return back! Last year that I get to enjoy the benefits of Northern Residents Deduction. Sigh.
  • Apply for EI (3/5): Applied a bit late but yeaaaahhhh, not eligible because my last school board has not officially sent off my paperwork to the government. GRRRRRR.
  • Send in certification rating to Human Resources (5/5): Oops. Forgot to do this earlier and only completed it in the last week. This took a few months as I had to send off all the transcripts to OSSTF. I’m currently ranked in Group 3.

Net Worth – February 2018

Didn’t do a net worth for January, so this is calculated over a two month difference.  I didn’t work that much in January due to the exam periods. A few notes otherwise:

Car repairs:
 On Saturday, just as I was about to drive into Toronto, I found that my car would not start. I ended up getting the car going with my Genius Boost pack, which I bought back in December 2017. On Sunday, the same thing happened but the battery boost did nothing. I was stuck downtown Toronto – thankfully, at a parking lot – and called CAA. A rep came and confirmed that the battery was fine. In the end, I asked to be towed* and the tow truck driver noted that it was actually the starter. He brought me back to Honda Waterloo and the next day, I got a nice bill totally $1174.12**

Travel: I had just come back from Alabama and Florida. Was in the US for 10 days. While I didn’t spend a lot, most of what I spent went to plane tickets and Disneyworld.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 3.45.39 AM

*Thankfully this counts as one service call, not two.

**This was already the cheaper of the two options. If I had picked a Honda-brand starter, it would have been a couple more hundred dollars.

Monthly Goals – Fast February

No big goals this month, as I was out of town for 2 weeks in Alabama and Florida.

Health and Fitness

  • Set up another rockclimbing gathering (3/5): In the works, and trying to finalize a few things.
  • Get pap smear (5/5): There are no family doctors in the Kitchener-Waterloo and while some people might think this is TMI to write on a public blog, I feel that this should be a more common public discussion. I’ve briefly taught sexual education in the past, and hope to encourages others to get their cervical cancer screening because 1) it’s covered for Ontarians every 3 years and 2) it’s important to take responsibility in our sexual health, both of ourselves and for our partners. I was tested two years ago while living up north, but the entire file was lost – ugh – and I never found out about my results! Finally getting this done, as it was tricky to find a gynaecologist and had to wait for a recommendation.
  • Keep working on Teacher Librarian AQ (4/5): I handed in assignments one day late about two times now, but am enjoying the course.
  • Download OCT license and pay for my annual fee (5/5): Business as usual.
Professional development
  • Finish books (2/5): I’ve been doing badly with reading. Mainly been relying on audiobooks while I’m driving between Tiny Beautiful Things and put I Hear She’s a Real Bitch on pause. I also have a lot of reading from my course and keep getting distracted with other eBooks that I am intrigued by! Will continue to refocus and finish up books in March.
Auto and Financial
  • Check RRSP contribution room (4/5): I have maxed out my 2017 contributions.
  • Cancel Cody membership (5/5): Thought I would use it but really, I have not.

Monthly Goals – January

  • Apply to TDSB (0/5): The Toronto District School Board accepts applications on January 1st every year. Changed my mind and didn’t do it. I’m realizing that my lack of interest may also be (inversely) correlated with the process of slowly fitting into Kitchener-Waterloo. While I didn’t complete this goal, aversion or feelings that may arise from the task actually gives me feedback for future decisions.
  • Get EI set up (4/5): Tried to get ROEs from my last employer. My school board said that it had sent them out during the week of January 15th. However, as I resigned from my last school board, a Service Canada rep told me that I’m not eligible for EI. Drat. At least I learned how to apply, and if I hit my 600 hours, then I will be eligible for March Break EI.
Finance and Auto
  • Transfer pension plan to OTPP (3/5): I officially resigned from my former school board on January 1st. Then I filled in a form and OTTP sent off a letter to Retraite Quebec. After that, I don’t really know what happened, but there is an agreement between various provinces to do transfers. I know for private pension buyback is a bazillion dollars, so I will not be participating in that!
  • Use the parking brake (4/5): Continued this from December after my sister scolded me about it. Doing much better and putting it on nearly every time!
Professional Development
  • Delete saved passwords (5/5): I used to keep my passwords on my browser. The problem is, if anyone ever stole my laptop, they would have a field day logging into everything! I keep my passwords with a paid account now and no longer store them on the computer. I feel much better about this, considering someone from India kept trying to break into my Steam account about 2 months ago. It’s scary to realize that a stranger on the other side of the world someone had my email and password! It was a sobering reminder to be more aware of how I use the Internet. I also started relocking my phone again.
  • Finish Desire Map (3/5): Stopped at module 5 in December, still on module 7. Should probably finish this and discontinue my Cody subscription because I have not been using it.
  • Find a physiotherapist (4/5): Got it booked at the end of December, after getting a recommendation from my massage therapist. This was great! Saw her for an initial consult ($79) and then a follow-up ($59). Been bad at homework though but I understand much more of what is going on now* and that is well worth the money.
  • Get dental cleaning (5/5): Paid out of pocket ($100)
  • Climb 5 times (1/5): Went climbing once with N., my friend from YTT! We had such a blast and the lesson was worth it ($14+tax)**. But otherwise, not a good month for climbing.
  • Plan February US trip (2/5): Bought a ticket to Alabama but I have put in so little thought otherwise. Ehhh, I’ll figure it out. I’ve traveled so much that part of the excitement now is being challenged.
  • Show gratitude for family (3/5): Talked to mom on deathversary but didn’t end up calling my sister.
*Mainly weak glute medius that is causing the destabilization in the right knee.
**This price is unheard of. You’re probably paying +$45 in Toronto

December Goals

Really didn’t focus too much on goals in December, and only really worked on a few. I ended up migrating some of the others to January instead:

Health and Fitness

  • Go rockclimbing 3 times (5/5): Twice in Kitchener and once with friends in Toronto. On all occasions, I just bouldered.
Finance and Auto
  • Use the parking brake (2/5): I tried as much as I could to always have the parking brake on but I didn’t always remember …
  • Find a good lipstick colour (5/5): Over the past two years, I’d been working on building a basic make-up set. Originally thinking of buying a Pacifica brand, but my wonderful sister actually ended up gifting me a large box set from Tarte* for Christmas/Winter Solstice. There are 8 sticks in total, but I threw one out as it had mould on it. I didn’t want to return it, get a new box and make unnecessary waste. I’m okay with having 7; it’s probably more than I can use anyway!

*Has beeswax, not vegan but I was okay with this. I buy a lot of Tarte products

Annual Goals 2017

I’m a bit early in doing my annual review, but part of me is slightly frustrated that I haven’t been reassessing my annual goals. I am much better at managing monthly goals. It’s just that my desires and needs change every few months, depending on my life situation (i.e. moving away and breaking up), so half this list doesn’t feel quite so accurate anymore. At this point, I just want to get it out of the way, and then rewrite some new goals for 2018.


  • Apply to Ontario school boards (3/5): Applied to WRDSB, DDSB, OCDSB, AVDSB and UGDSB so far. The only one that called back was WRDSB. I didn’t apply to Peel, Halton, SCDSB or TDSB. Just working for one right now!
  • Practice interviewing (3/5): Had a first great interview with Waterloo Regional District School Board. Didn’t have any other interviews. Didn’t really work on practicing for interviews again … I need  a sense of pressure for this goal.
  • Develop skills for occasional teaching (3/5): There’s a free AQ course on occasional teaching through Queen’s University. While I had started the first module, I didn’t end up continuing it. I’m doing okay though and have been meeting a few other OTs and getting tips from them.
  • Start budgeting (2/5): I had purchased the Mindful Budgeting planner from Caitlin Flanders. Starting to write down numbers and be more mindful of the process for several months but never ended up budget and eventually stopped using the planner about three months into it. I will have to try this again from a different angle in the new year and perhaps only look at food expenditures as a start.
  • Set up an ASP from pay towards index funded RRSP (5/5): Robb Engen have already said, stop keeping your RSPs in cash. Reading Robert Brown’s book reminded me that an ASP would give it time for it to build interest. In February, I set up an ASP of $333/paycheck to be set aside as RSPs in Tangerine, but then switched over to WealthSimple in February 2017.
  • Get J. set up with index investing in Tangerine (3/5): I had J. start a small investment in Tangerine but hey, we broke up so who the fuck cares anymore.
  • Start learning how to use MLS (0/5): I lost interest in this process after my break-up. It’s just not happening while I am not making that much as an Occasional Teacher (i.e. professional substitute teacher).
  • Try to get bank fees waived (0/5): Desiree of Half Banked suggest that you can try to get your credit card fee waived. Never got around to doing this … just plain forgot. I still draw too much from my TD Bank account sometimes, so I am wondering if I should just close it.
  • Learn how to barter using Bunz (5/5): Spent most of August trading. It’s been so much fun! I’ve gotten quite a lot off of Bunz, including basic furniture and useful items. I love the idea of finding new homes for items that I didn’t value or don’t value anymore. It’s environmentally-friendly too, because I’m not encouraging the production of more products. Everyone knows that I am slightly obsessed, ha!
Personal development
  • Study Mandarin (1/5): Used my Steam account for Influent at the beginning of the year but haven’t touched this in a while. Just fell down the list of priorities
  • Regular myo (1/5): Not great with consistent #myomondays, but that’s okay! I’ve still been learning a lot through my Yoga Teacher Training.
  • Strength training (0/5): Specifically I was referring to weight training, which never happened … Nope.
  • Continue barefoot training (4/5): I didn’t end up read Katy Bowman’s book, Whole Body Barefoot, but I have two pairs of FiveFinger Vibrams. In the winter, I’m using them in the gym.
  • Enjoy my YTT (5/5): Yup! that’s going well! This goal got added on around April because I didn’t even think I was interested in Yoga Teacher Training until I saw Queen Street Yoga’s advertisement.

Monthly Goals: November

The last set of monthly goals that I wrote were in August. September was sorting myself out and October went to shit because of my break-up. So here’s November, as I start to get re-focused:

Health and Fitness

  • Work on meditation (3/5): Since restarting Headspace in October, I’ve been using it several times a week. I’m not going to guilt or shame myself into not using it every day. It’s not productive. I might only meditate every 2 days, but that’s okay.
  • Work on The Desire Map (2/5): Since starting the new subscription plan on Cody, I started going through The Desire Map plan. I have been working through the exercises and (printed) worksheets since the middle of November.
  • Go to Goodlife (1/5): I could do better, I only went three two times this month.

Teaching and Professional Development

  • Explore opportunities to work and travel: I had spoken to some UK agencies, but it looks like I do not qualify for the work visa (i.e. the Youth Mobility Scheme) since I am over 30 year old. BOO for ageism!!! Oh well, I daydreamed for a few days.
  • Get updated letter of experience (5/5): This was easy and all it took was an email to the Human Resources of my former board. Just need to make a paper copy and put it in my files too.
  • Get back into using Evernote regularly (2/5): I pay for the premium subscription every year around Hallowe’en. I tried using the free version but I like updating on a variety of mobile devices.
  • Sent transcripts for (3/5): So far I’ve sent three transcripts in so far, from the University of Toronto, Athabasca (freeeeee) and Queen’s University. UWO is a pain in the butt because they don’t accept digital signatures.
  • Work on teaching blog (1/5): I’ve only made two posts as of November and updated the subtitle so that it doesn’t state that I’m still in Quebec.

Finance and Auto

  • Close joint account (5/5): Done, although the first time I called, the rep on the other line said it wasn’t possible. The second time I called, it literally took 1 minute for the rep to do it. ARGH.
  • Auto Mechanic game on Steam (1/5): I started playing this for 2 hours but got super frustrated. It is not beginner-friendly!
  • Mail forwarding (5/5): I’d already updated the charity that I donate to and also the Ontario College of Teachers. This was something I had meant to do but I’d forgetten. So nearly 5 months later, I finally set up mail-forwarding from Waskaganish. There was a 4-month option, but the cost for a 12-month period was about $117 including tax.
  • Reassess credit card (4/5): I’ve kept my TD Cashback Visa because it’s the oldest credit card that I have, but I stupidly default to using it, when the rewards are actually quite terrible. Instead, I should be paying for restaurants and gas with my Tangerine credit card instead, since the rewards are 2% for (1% for anything else).

Monthly Goals – August

With the busy summer and going out with friends all the time, I admit that I’ve been slacking on the bullet journal. Not a lot, just that it’s not quite so up to date. Sometimes, I will end up jotting down my to-do list on ToodleDo, since I have a widget on my Android phone.

I’m hoping to get back on track in the next week, so I might as well just write my up my review of my monthly goals and get it over with:

Health and Fitness

  • Get my bicycle in working order (0/5): I was aware of this goal but just kept putting it off.
  • Work on floor sitting (2/5): Learned more about this while listening to more Katy Says podcasts. Was doing it here and there. Not so great.
  • Work on exfoliation (4/5): I bought a giant long handled brush and have been exfoliating regularly.

Teaching and Professional Development

  • Complete Queen’s free OT AQ course (0/5): Totally flaked out on this.

Finance and Auto

  • Get a will (0/5): Nope.
  • Discuss finances with family (0.5/5): I literally kept saying to my mom several times, let’s get together with my sister and do this. Ummm, didn’t happen.

Not a very productive month!!! Whatevs!!! Just enjoying my August, since I didn’t have the chance to the past 4 years.

Monthly Goals – July

Health and Fitness

  • Find a family doctor (0/5): Put this off to next month as I’ve decided it may be easier to find a doctor in Waterloo.
  • Visit Queen Street Yoga and apply for YTT program (5/5): Done and done. Got accepted into the program and even paid my deposit of $565.
  • Walk around parks (2/5): Looking to do more shinrin yoku a.k.a. “forest bathing”. This worked out really well at the beginning of July, when I was hitting up several parks around Toronto. It petered out when I started getting busy and meeting up with family and friends.
  • Learn about barefoot walking (5/5): Definitely knocked this goal out of the park! Got a pair of FiveFingers the first week I was back in Toronto and been wearing them an average of 3-5 times a week. Also tested them out on gravel in Waskaganish too.

Teaching / Professional Development

  • Reconnect with teachers in Ottawa (3/5): Ended up meeting with my former principal, who is still one of my work references. J. and I stayed over at her house and hung out with the family. As a thank you for her hospitality, I actually bought her daughter a couple of books – Wonder and Shaun Tan’s The Arrival – with some leftover Amazon credits, since she really likes reading. Was suppose to meet with a former colleague, but unfortunately, he never replied or confirmed getting together.*


  • Watch two Canadians Investor Conference videos (0/5): Never got around to it. Been busy.
  • Learn about tenant rights (0/5): Fell down list of priorities.
  • Learn how to barter on Bunz (4/5): This has been my obsession lately. I’ve made one trade so far, which was a copy of the card game The Resistance. I gave away a bottle of moscato and a Stella tall boy. This was a good first trade, because N. and I chatted a bit and she gave me lots of great tips to start! I might even have a new lunch buddy as she works out of Waterloo but lives in Toronto. However, I will be careful with trading and should only go for items I really want, as I don’t want to waste time driving around for something I don’t need.


  • Explore Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 (0/5): Fell down the list. No time since being so busy.
  • Learn OK Google commands (4/5): As I have been driving a LOT this month, it made sense that I finally start using some of the OK Google voice commands. This will come in handy when I am driving around Waterloo and Kitchener, so I need to start learning now! I need to also learn how to use it safely so that I am not distracted while driving on the road. There is a learning curve to all this!

*I’ve noticed this has happened with weaker relationships where correspondence occurred mainly on Facebook. I had just deleted my account back in early July after 5 years of being forced to use it in the north.