August Plans

Alright S., you convinced me.

I will go watch Haim, Kate Nash and Hey Rosetta! with you at the Osheaga Festival in Montreal. I will be happy to lie in the sun, sipping a beer with friends and jamming to good music. It’s been a while since I’ve seen any concerts …



Life is Good

Health: I played really well on Tuesday and was smashing with good accuracy. L. and I played together – she’s a strong female player that keeps me focused and motivated. We chatted a little bit in French, both on and off-court. Tonight, my first fitness class at Average Josephine’s was great! I went with two other teachers from the high school. Joey, the trainer, is such a great guy and is fun to be around. Although I’ve never been good at push-ups, lunges and squats are much easier for me. Not terribly out of shape, but I’m not as fit as I was in the summer, when I was running on the sands playing volleyball 2’s. Ahhh, wouldn’t really want to be wearing a bikini now. When I got home, I made sure to chug down a glass of water and lemon-flavoured electrolytes.

Home life: While I enjoyed the solitude last week, it’s been awesome having two of my favourite coworkers with me. A. is the handy-man and has gotten a lot of things fixed – on the work vehicle and even around the house. R. is a brilliant teacher, very insightful and always willing to help problem-solve. We’ve been sharing lunches and dinners. This afternoon, I shared my black bean and corn chili – we made burritos with some tortillas that C. had left before she took off to Chapais. Tonight, R. made pad thai with noodles that I just bought from Speaking of which, I also got …

Household Acquisitions: … a cutting board made entirely from recycled materials ($15.69). I am happy with it and it’s strong and sturdy. While I’m not much for Christmas decor, I also got some more biodegradable Method dish soap ($4.59), but the Christmas-themed version! The hand soap ($3.59) smells awesome too and I love washing my hands with it. It’s funny that small things like this make me happy when you live up here and don’t shop very often.

Math Course: I booked an inviligator for my final exam in February. It will cost $100 to have it done at Seneca College in Toronto, only a 10-minute drive from my mom’s house in Scarborough. I submitted a request to Athabasca University today, so they should be sending me a confirmation soon. I’ll be in down south during that time since I …

Holidays: … booked a week off in February to go to Hawaii! It’s been too busy for me to do any planning or even think about it and do any research. I’d like to start doing planning next week once work calms down again.

Weekend: Bought another plane ticket ($372) to see J. in Waskaganish. Yay! We’re doing well and chat regularly on the phone. It’s his first long-distance relationship and the regular visits are definitely an important part of us getting to know each other. I just hope that the weather’s good enough for the plane to take off … fingers crossed!

Music: I bought The Lumineers album of iTunes. I feel in love with this one song, Ho Hey, and had to have the rest of it. Such lovely music. I would love to hear them in person.