Net Worth – April 2018

Net worth: Well, the nice fat tax return from 2017 was over $5000. This is the last year it . I’m really still spending more than saving, but I’m okay with that. Hence the uptick on the money I haven’t spent yet lol

Finally! Three months after handing in my resignation, Human Resources finally submitted an Record of Employment to Service Canada. I had noticed that it still hadn’t been sent at the beginning of April and I had to bother HR about it  … sigh. Last week, I got an update which confirmed that I am not eligible for Employment Insurance for the summer of 2017, which is what I expected. It stated “regular benefits not payable” since this was a “voluntary leave”. At least now, I can start to get my EI applications properly approved based on my current employment status.

Pension transfer: Now that my ROE has been submitted. I have to reapply again.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.04.02 AM

GICs: Two years ago, I bought a 2-year GIC on Tangerine. The rate was higher than other major banks, but still low (as GICs have been for quite a while). I bought it because as I was reading Bruce Sellery’s book, The Moolala Guide to Rockin’ Your RRSPs and considering where to have some fixed investments based on “your age approximately equal to the percentage of your investments”. It felt like a good decision at the time, since Tangerine had an easy-to-use interface and made it easy to set it up.

Looking back, it was a nice baby step. I could have thrown it somewhere else. Honestly, I know I should not feel regret; I made a positive step based on what I learned and also beat the rate of inflation, putting money into a credit union that had a lot of stability. All in all, it’s better than letting it sit in cash. Reflecting back on all this allows me to consider what my next steps should be.

Personal training at Goodlife: Going well. Have had 6 sessions so far and feeling good. I like that I don’t have to design the workout and am just told what to do. It’s nice to be challenged too and be pushed past my limits. I’m also slowly making a habit of enjoying the dry sauna after my post-workout shower.

IMG_20180428_094745452 (1)



Net Worth – December 2017

Late posting my net worth, but here it is.

A few points of note over the past 2 months –  I got some cash gifts from my family (~$600) for my 35th birthday. Big expenses included paying for dental cleaning out of pocket ($100) as I currently do not have health insurance, my license plate renewal ($240) and a cancellation fee from Sirius XM ($40)*. Also, I bought a booster for the car ($155). The largest expense was the Additional Qualification course that I will be starting at the end of January ($685).

In general, over the holidays, I have been generous with my spending as I want to enjoy the time I have with friends and family. This is something I’ve made peace with on a personal level, knowing that being away for 5 years in Quebec has made me feel a bit more disconnected with loved ones.

My Honda CR-V is paid off, as is my Motorala phone, so I am debt-free! That is a good feeling and of course, I never have a balance on my credit cards. I have also decided not to make any clothing purchases this year and in a way, that feels quite freeing.

Having said all that, I’m still waiting for the second half of my December pay to come in. Overall, I’m down about $3000 from October 2017, but at least I’m glad that I have maxed out my RSP contributions. I knew that I would not be saving at all, but my goal is to break even while reestablishing myself coming back to city life and enjoying the process.

Even without health insurance/coverage, I have still decided to pay out of pocket to take care of myself in ways that I could not previously (due to isolation, not lack of funds). I am basically spending the money now instead of over the past few years, which would have been the intention. Tomorrow I have an initial assessment with a physiotherapist for my right leg/knee (~$100), on Tuesday I will have my 3rd appointment for massage ($85) and Thursday, my counsellor ($60). Please note that I do generally space these appointments out but I ended up accidentally pushing them off into the second week of January.

I’m going to try to monitor my groceries by paying in cash for the next month and see how this feels. I do buy some expensive items (i.e. vegan meat replacement, vegan junk food) and want to make sure that I’m not just blowing it all.

To continue to minimize my spending, I’ll continue going to my yoga studio ($3800/10 months) and use my Goodlife gym membership ($400+tax/year). I have paid for two months of Cody app subscription ($10 USD/month) but will be cancelling it by January 17th. Gas is a big expense, and while I have not been tracking that, I should and will try to only go to Shell using my American Express credit card.

I’ve also applied for EI for the two week seasonal layoff (i.e. Christmas holidays where substitute teachers are not offered work), but likely won’t see any of that until later down the road. I still need to get a Record of Employment and am waiting as I’ve officially resigned from my former school board as of January 1st, 2018.

It really felt cathartic to write all this out and take a look. It’s important to do this work for myself. I know I get a lot of help from family**, who pay for groceries, take me out and take care of me in ways that is not measured monetarily. I am going to make better efforts to show gratitude to others through time and still be mindful of spending.

Here’s to an exciting 2018!

*Pissed at myself for this as I didn’t note the subscription roll over. Normally, I note these things in my calendar and set an alarm.
**My brother-in-law and sister let me hop on their TV account.

Net Worth – October

I’ve been slacking off on calculating my net worth. Didn’t do it for July, August or September. I wanted to include my auto loan, which is probably around $1000 but then Honda Finance decided to change their login system. I meant to call them but just never end up doing it!

So rather than put it off another month, I included an estimate of $1200 remaining on the Honda CR-V. A few comments:

Overall net worth: Generally stable, considering that I’ve spent a lot of money this summer eating out. I also have a higher rate of rent ($600) to pay, as well as payments for my Yoga Teacher Training tuition (~$333); both are withdrawn on a monthly basis.

Selling off personal property: $1500 total; from the Ikea standing table ($200), cross country skiis and boots ($300) and my kayak and kayak gear ($1000)./

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 10.11.51 PM

You may be wondering why I even sold some of those things I had worked hard to acquire. Personal belongs that I really enjoy and put me in a better lifestyle of healthy living.

I have not mentioned to a lot of people yet, but I left my 5-year relationship a few weeks ago. Emotionally, I’m recovering must faster and better than I had expected. I have lots of close friends and family that have been able to support me (my grandmother said, “You don’t need him.” I really wish she were able to say DTMFA* in Chinese). I also started going to a therapist.

I really didn’t want take the millenial-esque approach and vomit gory TMI** details all over the Interwebs nilly-willy. I’m in the process of wrapping up some details and trying to get a few of my belongings back. Obviously I’ve taken the kayak at a huge (financial) loss, but extricating myself from my former partner has not been without disputes or struggles.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Finances are okay. Emotions are okay. Physical body is great. Self-confidence is actually higher than normal. YTT has been phenomenal. Making friends in Kitchener-Waterloo has been slow but starting to take off!

I’ll continue to blog more over the next months as I know I’ve been neglectful, often just microblogging – via Instagram – instead of putting down my words here. I intend to write more and I really do love to write in this space of mine, even if there are very few readers.

Last thing: Please, please, please write back to me if you read my blog. You don’t necessarily have to comment on the page itself, but a text, an email or phone call is lovely too.

*DTMFA is an abbreviation for “Dump the mother f***er already”
**TMI is an abbreviation for “too much information”.

Monthly Goals – February

Fitness and Health

  • Meal-planning (0/5): Been getting lazy with this. Argh.
  • Try new recipes (2/5): Tried two new recipes from the Indian cookbook


  • Start on Queen’s AQ on OT (1/5): Just worked on the first module … continue in March
  • Apply to school boards (3/5): I ended up applying to DDSB, UGDSB and WRDSB; next week I have an interview in Waterloo! Decided not to apply to PDSB, TDSB or YRDSB. The later two are declining boards and areas which I either know will not be good future home for me. I’m still interested in Peel but will reapply the next time it opens up.
  • Work on interview questions (1/5): Only getting started on this! Otherwise been spending time scouring the teacher discussion groups on Facebook, collecting info and bugging former coworkers for tips and tricks.
  • Get a third reference letter (5/5): Glad that this didn’t take too long. Signed and scanned into a PDF, uploaded onto Apply to Education


  • Set up ASPs for RSPs (5/5): Am funnelling $333 off each biweekly paycheck towards my new WealthSimple account.
  • Set up password maintenance system (2/5): Started transferring information but not finished yet …
  • Analyze ETFs (0/5): Too much job hunting going on. ONCE AGAIN, this fell on the back burner. I’m putting this goal on pause for now.
  • Work on AQ reimbursement (5/5): Printed all my papers, now just waiting for a copy of the transcripts to come in from Queen’s University ($15/transcript) so I can submit it to HR and get the $680 reimbursed

Also, no net worth postings this month. I’m switching to only calculating it every 2 months.

Net Worth – January 2017

I skipped the December net worth calculations. Doing it on a monthly basis is a lot of work, so I might switch over to every other month. The annoying think is that NetwordIQ won’t show you the percentage difference from your last entry if it does not have (GRRRR).

Having said all that, I don’t want to yet until I figure out how to yet automate a few bill and credit card payments, so that I forget!

Even with a very costly trip to Jordan and Israel over the holidays, things are good! That gives me a green light to start thinking of some more ambitious finance goals for 2017 …

More on that later!


Net Worth – August 2016

Not much of a change from July 2016. It is back to work, so going out less to eat (since our options are limited). However, I did do some shopping in the past little while:

  • David’s Tea ($71) – I order at this time of year because Pumpkin Chai has become part of my regular winter routine, and this flavour is only sold seasonally around fall. Shit. Did I just say that it’s fall?!
  • Sephora ($170) – Brush set, angled brush, primer … didn’t expect to spend this much but when I buy make-up, it’s for a good few years. I expect pretty much never to buy
  • Birthday present for Gramma ($34) – It’s a secret right now …
  • Books from Indigo ($97) – Bought some coffee table books (Humans of New York, Postsecret) for my students to read in my classroom. Also got a book on teaching and one that was recommended on my yoga course (The Oxygen Advantage: The Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques for a Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitter)

But in good news, I got my OAME conference ($330) covered by the school board! The finance department was slow on the follow-up, but I finally got the transfer a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t cover my gas or lodging, but that’s alright.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.18.47 PM.png

Net Worth – July

Again, kinda behind on my posting. Here’s my net worth for the month of July, calculated about two weeks late. Better late than never.

Summer’s over and I’m done playing. Just got back up north and am now on day 4 of the new school year. Today, we will be doing a one-hour orientation with the students and then tomorrow, classes start.

Being down after vacation isn’t unusual. It is projected, as I am still waiting on reimbursements from work, specifically travel (~$100), school supplies I purchased (~$1000) and the math conference from May (~$600), but included these sums as if I were already paid back.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.24.02 AM