Monthly Goals – March

Health and Fitness
  • Catch up on YTT class hours (3/5): I need to attend 30 more classes before end of June, as part of my homework. That means I need about 10 classes each month, before July In March, so far I’ve had 7 classes. Need to keep attending more!
  • Try a new studio (4/5): Did this on the last day of March! Part of my yoga teacher training homework. Now have to fill out my participation worksheet.
  • Start a spreadsheet to start claiming medical expenses (4/5): While doing taxes, we realized I will need this for 2018 taxes. Got this started but need to revisit the exact dollar mounts through my receipts. Carry this over to next month
  • Go climbing (3/5): Went climbing twice – once at GRR and once at The Core
  • Order a Squatty Potty (5/5): This has been a goal I totally forgot about for at least a year. Just did it last week. It should come in by April. As Bowman says, #stackyourlife!
  • Start using Twitter again (3/5): Share math resources and get active again.
  • Be amazing at practice teaching (3/5): Didn’t do as much full yoga class practice teaching with friends and family. Practiced with P., N., J. and Liz. Also did the glute/hip/quad work with two people, including my sister.
  • Get feedback for YTT classes (2/5): Developed a Google Form to received feedback. Only used it once as I didn’t do many full yoga classes.
Finance / Professional Development
  • File taxes (5/5): Mom helped me do most of the work and even got my return back! Last year that I get to enjoy the benefits of Northern Residents Deduction. Sigh.
  • Apply for EI (3/5): Applied a bit late but yeaaaahhhh, not eligible because my last school board has not officially sent off my paperwork to the government. GRRRRRR.
  • Send in certification rating to Human Resources (5/5): Oops. Forgot to do this earlier and only completed it in the last week. This took a few months as I had to send off all the transcripts to OSSTF. I’m currently ranked in Group 3.

First Time on the Rocks

Had a great weekend trip. Three of my friends, my sister and I went up to Craigleith for one night. I haven’t been camping since last year and it was nice to squeeze one campfire in. The next morning, we packed up and went rockclimbing at Metcalfe Rock the next day.

We were there for nearly 6 hours but in the end, I only tried two routes. The worst part was that I couldn’t even get halfway up either route. I let my nervous energy get the best of me and put too much strain on my arms off the start. In the end, it crushed my confidence and I gave up only after a couple of meters. R. said I put a lot of effort in and that the routes were definitely a lot harder than we had expected. It was still fun – everyone had a good time and we had lots of laughs together*.

Total damage? Slightly battered ego. Bruised knees and a flapper on the left hand.


ABOVE: A view from the top of Metcalfe Rock


ABOVE: S. having a go at a tricky route


ABOVE: Having an attempt at the same route


ABOVE: A. belaying R.

IMG_3574ABOVE: R. in the middle of a route. Proud to say
this is one of my best shots this weekend.

*Mental note: I need to keep seeking out friends who are active and want to try fun stuff together.


Went to Rock Oasis by myself.

Not a typical Saturday night outing but it was so nice to have an empty gym where I could climb and figure things out on my own, without any interruptions. Stretched for 5 minutes and then spent most of the hour playing around on the bouldering wall. I figure out two-thirds of this route. Every move felt solid, as I pulled myself from one step to another, but … I got stuck on one place. Eventually, I figured that I could reach the hold if I did a drop-knee, but I couldn’t get my right foot secured and my arms were starting to give up on me. I probably tried nearly 20 times. Must go back and finish that route!

Photo 2013-06-29 9 57 54 PM

Summer Plans: Portland

Back in Chisasibi. Had a busy day just getting back into the flow of things. Went to Corefit with A. and M.

I forgot to mention that I have my plane ticket ($563) for Portland, Oregon in July! I’ll be traveling there with my mom and my sister. Tonight, I finally started looking at accommodations and things to do around town. I put together a small list and will keep working on it this month.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 11.18.27 PM

Going with the Flow

It’s been three months since I bought my harness and rockclimbing shoes, so I was happy to take my sister today to The Rock Oasis on Saturday morning. The weather was gorgeous outside, so the climbing gym was fairly quiet. But sunshine I can get up north.

And a chance to go climbing? Much harder to come by.

We didn’t talk about anything in particular or have any serious conversations. It was just relaxed. We climbed for three hours at our own pace and took our own time. I’m a bit of a slow climber, so it works for me! Definitely would like to take my sister again.


Counting Down the Days

A lot has been going on at work. I’ve been living with the science teacher and watching her  spiral out of control. She repeatedly denies treatment for her mental health issues. The situation became increasingly stressful and on Thursday, I finally made the decision to move out. On Saturday, C. helped me move my belongings to the University of Laval’s Centre d’études nordiques. I am now staying in a dorm room.

While I spent last weekend hiking, I’ve been resting for the past two days. I feel like it’s more of emotional than physical exhaustion. The energy at school is low too, as everyone is counting down the days until Goose Break. I’m also hitting the point where I don’t feel too motivated at work and just want to get back to the city. To stroll down the sidewalk, browse a clothing store, pop into a coffee shop, eat at a restaurant – what I want more than anything is to have options for what I want to do in my free time.

Right now, the closest substitution to all the stimulation I am craving is to lie on the bunk bed, listen to my new audiobook*, browse my favourite clothing blog, shop for books on and watch rockclimbing videos**on YouTube. Just hanging on until I can get out of here. Ahhh, I can’t wait!!!

Four more days until Montreal!***

*I am halfway through the book now that I’ve finished chapter 6.

**I enjoyed this training video from Neil Gresham. I decided to purchase the DVD.

***J. is splitting a $970 one-way plane ticket with me. It’s a big hit on the wallet, but the trade-off is a vacation with the beau, rather than 2 days in a car staring at my coworkers.

February and March Goals: Recap

Since my big break-up last summer, I’ve been slacking on goal-setting. For a while, I tried quarterly and bimonthly goals. I’d end up ignoring my notes because I felt like I had loads of time. Before I know it, several months had passed by and I hadn’t achieved anything. I’m going to start writing monthly goals again because I find it’s the perfect amount of time to stay focused and get stuff done!

It’s not as if nothing was achieved, so I decided that I should at least write a combined review of February and March. I have ranked how successful each goal with a scale of one to five stars:


  • Stay active (4/5) – During the month of February, I got new equipement and went rockclimbing with A. (while skipping work even). I paid for a 10-class pass ($130) at Rock Oasis. It’s too bad there are no climbing gyms up north, I’d totally go regularly, now that I have my own shoes and harness! In Hawaii, I was fairly active – snorkelling, swimming and hiking. I even went surfing for the first time and loved it!
  • Get into outdoor winter sports (2/5) – I picked up a pair of Atlas snowshoes and walked across the river with J. Sadly, I’ve only gone once. I also need to pick up some ski poles.
  • Try new recipes (3/5) – I was uninspired with cooking during the months of November and December. After my vacation, I felt excited to get my hands dirty and learned how to make Spanish tortilla, apple crisp and carrot ginger soup. I also shared my raw pasta recipe with R.


  • Max out RSPs: (4/5) I’ve hit $9500 right now. My mom advised that I should just hold to that right now until I find out what my new limit is, since it is approximately $11,600.
  • Make a purchase of options: (0/5) Just to toy around with stocks. Yeah, I’ve been slacking on investing for quite a long time.
  • Car Purchase: (1/5) I need to considering what type of vehicle I’d like come next year. I should be looking into and AutoTrader into types of cars. K. suggested Subaru. They eat up a bit more gas, but the option to switch from two-wheel to four-wheel drive would be great.


  • Apply to Cree School Board: (3/5) I dropped off a copy of my resume with the principal in Waskaganish, but procrastinated on it for so long, I didn’t have a chance to chat with her. I basically finished the day I was leaving the community and left it in her mailbox with a note instead. I looked at it after a few days and realized I had a mistake on it!  I’ve also mailed off a copy to the head office.
  • Browse options on Education Canada: (0/5) Haven’t bothered with this much. I do read the emails that EC sends though.
  • Sign up for Apply to Education: (0/5) Limestone Board
  • Add to interview question list: (1/5) I only started reading through my interview notes but will need to get back into this
  • Start paperwork for brevet: (0/5) Wow, I super-procrastinated on this goal. Considering it’s a time-sensitive one, I might be kicking myself in the butt in a few months.
  • Set up Time Machine on Mac: (0/5) I need to backup my systems. And I better do this before I regret it. Transfer to the month of April.

The Climb

Yesterday, I went rockclimbing with A. and S., two good friends I’ve known for a few years. I also met A., someone who recently joined the vegetarian/vegan community in Toronto.

We met up at Rock Oasis ($30 for a day pass and gear rental). I didn’t climb as much as I’d like to but had such a great time the three hours we were there. I only went for the easier walls and didn’t go any farther than a 5.7; next time, I should definitely try the 5.8s.

As we were about to leave, I spent 10 minutes on a V0 on the bouldering wall; it was so stimulating as I kept going over and over the holds again, each time smoother and faster than the last time. I’m more acclimatized to falling and didn’t get nervous each time I fell from a greater distance. I thought about how J. taught me how bouldering is just trying to solve a mental and physical puzzles. You play around and learn where you should push your hips, swing yours legs and avoid smashing your knees. And you won’t have any satisfaction until you finally solve the darn thing!

Since yesterday, all I can think about is going back to the climbing gym. I’ve been saying that I’d like to get into the sport and while I’m not in the city often, but I decided that I want to pick up a harness from MEC. Shoes the are more expensive part, but it would be much cheaper to have my own gear and my sister could use it when she feels like climbing. Hmmm, maybe a 10-class pass next time? $135 isn’t a bad deal.