Monthly Goals: July

July was interestingly very busy. I did not get very much done! And yes, I’m completely aware that it’s 2 weeks into August as I’m writing this … sigh.
  • Complete last of YTT work (4/5): Submitted everything on last date, still have one paper for participation.
  • Work on sewing regularly to reduce screen time (1/5): Only did one small sewing project with Gramma.
  • Take a hike (5/5): Didn’t get as many hikes as June, but managed to go to Rattlesnake with my colleague, J. and her dog


  • Apply for EI (5/5): Sent my application in July but got rejected.
  • Type up auto expenses (0/5): Get an idea of how much I’ve spent in the past 5 years on my car. I’ve been moving waaaay too much to do this. I didn’t even set up my office until Monday this past week!
  • Get ecofriendly toiletries (0/5): I wanted to buy a safety razor but I put this off due to restricted funds. I’m going to set this as a goal for the future.
  • Get household items on the cheap (5/5): In June, I picked up a few decorative pieces on Bunz. Then in July, I lucked out and picked out a few items off Kijiji for a great deal. From one woman, I got a Mennonite-made oak dining table and four chairs ($110 + 10 for delivery), Hamilton Beach toaster oven ($20) and a drafting table ($35). I also grabbed a few kitchen items off a friend, J. My mom generously donated her old Dust Devil vacuum cleaner.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-31 at 22.48.18

Teaching / Professional Development
  • Create consent cards printed from Zazzle (5/5): Found two other YTTs to split an order with me. Sent the order in and got some cute cards! Haven’t had a chance to use them yet. We ended up paying about $11.30 each for 32-33 cards.
  • Continue working on painting (1/5): I purchased an acrylics course off Udemy during a sale ($14 CAD). Been too busy and haven’t worked on this at all!! No down time except for reading.
  • Plastic Free July (3/5): This was tough. I used straws and killed some sea turtles. I still need to buy metal straws and this fell on the back burner, so I can’t use my coupon for Bulk Barn anymore … boo.
  • Apply for volunteering at SHORE Centre (0/5): I have always been personally interested in volunteering but will actually push this off to September when I am not driving back and forth to Toronto

Overdue Changes … 16 Years Later

The past weekend, I volunteered at the 33rd Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival, the oldest and largest food fair of its type in North America! It was soooo crowded yet I was so happy to be there again, after having missed out on it for the past 4-5 years. I did two volunteer shifts and took Sunday off.

Hanging out with vegan friends again and remember that I am back in the city, where options and accessibility to cruelty-free products is not an issue anymore, it made me realized that I am due for a change. I’ve been meaning to work towards being vegan for many years now, but made (reasonable) excuses while I was living up north. I was the only vegetarian in town. I did not have access to alternatives. I had very little social or moral support. I was often the only one in my position.

Now, having been vegetarian for 16 years, I feel as if I need to stop participating in exploitive products. I’ve watched Earthlings, I know the physiological changes that are involved in feeding baby cows designated for veal (and we have tons of them in Ontario), I have read Peter Singer. I have own rats, which are commonly used as lab animals, and could never imagine myself giving them up for animal testing. I know all these things in my head and my heart, and yet my lifestyle currently doesn’t follow through with my moral stance.

And finally watching What the Health two days ago, as well as listening to the American podcast The Bearded Vegans, reminded me of what I need to do. It may be a slow process and might take a few months, but immediately finishing the film, I chucked out a few things from the fridge and decided that I was not going to buy anymore yogurt.

Last night, I went to Sobey’s and replaced my yogurt with Soyurt. I threw out my brie (for real) and got some vegan provolone by Earth Island. The Daiya cream cheese – so yummy! – was on sale, so I grabbed a small tub, since it will last until November. Small changes for now. I’m not going to punish myself over honey or butter on a Tim Horton’s bagel, but I am transitioning and having conversations with friends who are supporting me through it.

Those are my thoughts for now and I’ll post more later on as I process how I am going to approach some other changes.

*Both of these documentaries are available on Netflix.