Preparing for the End

When I was running my old blog, I routinely wrote monthly goals and reviewed them to keep me on track. I stopped in June 2012, when I went through a tremendous amount of stress upon leaving my first serious relationship. I’d shut down my blog and spent the following months rebuilding my strength and figuring out what I wanted for myself.

Now that I’ve gotten my bearings again – returned up north to work full-time, entered a new relationship, continued saving for the long-term – I’ve been looking at some of the annual goals I’d written for myself. It’d been a while since I’d glanced at the list; some of the items no longer seem pertinent, while I’m reminded that I need to put more energy in others. I do feel a bit disorganized without my month-to-month plans and have come to terms that my current system of three-month planning process isn’t quite as effective as I’d hoped.

While writing a will will probably never seem to pressing (unless you’ve become injured or are lying on your deathbed), I’ve realized that it’s become increasingly important with the fact that I’m two thousand kilometers from my family and they are concerned for my well-being. Of course, I’m not feeling sick at the moment. Nor was I struck with a sudden and impending fear of death while sitting in my pajamas, sipping a cup of spiced chai – I just remembered that taking care of my finances is important even upon my passing, since it  affects loved ones around me.

While there aren’t too many places to get legal advice, I wondered how I could get the process going (at least). Tonight, I asked one of my friends, B., a lawyer by training – she told me that a holograph will – one that is simply written in your handwriting, signed and dated – is legal in Ontario. While it’s unlikely that it would be challenged, having a basic will would be a good framework to build off of when I have the opportunity to put together a more legit version.

There are lots of questions to answer. What is it I want to do with my savings? Who are the people that ought to benefit? Will I donate any of it? Really, it’s too much thinking for 11 pm on a weeknight, so I’ll add that to my tasks for the weekend.

(Now I hope no one asks me what I’m doing for the weekend, because this might come up as an awkward answer.)