Reverse Bucket List

I tried putting a bucket list together, but I’m just happy to try nearly everything and anything that I’d rather just add it on when it’s done! In a way, it’s more a list of achievements.

North America

  1. Kauai, Hawai’i, USA – Took a surfing lesson and stood on the second attempt
  2. Los Angeles, California, USA – Visited The Simpsons cartoon studio
  3. Lava Bed National Monument, California, USA – Climbed a cinder cone and walked through lava tubes
  4. Nevada, USA – Walked over the Hoover Dam
  5. Waskaganish, Quebec – Cooked bannock in a meeswhap
  6. Chisasibi, Quebec – Walked over the HydroQuebec LG1 dam
  7. Collingwood, Canada – Went outdoor rockclimbing
  8. Saint-Hubert, Quebec – Flew in a helicopter over Montreal
  9. Toronto, Canada – Walked up 1700 steps of the CN Tower three times for charity

Central and South America

  1. Yucatán, Mexico – Walked up the Chichén Itzá


  1. Hong Kong, ChinaSaw pink dolphins on an eco-friendly tour
  2. China – Hiked 4 hours over the Great Wall of China
  3. Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia, Borneo – Visited the world’s largest cave chamber and hiked up to the pinnacles in a 10-hour climb
  4. Bangkok, Thailand – Took a Thai cooking course
  5. Bangkok, Thailand – Visited an inmate at Bang Kwang Prison
  6. Chiang Mai, Thailand – Visited a PETA-approved elephant sanctuary
  7. Chiang Mai, Thailand – Hiked through the northern villages on a 3-day trek.
  8. Cappadocia, Turkey – Took a hot-air balloon ride.
  9. Vietnam – Crawled through remnants of the Cu Chi Tunnels from the Vietnam war
  10. Vietnam – Took a bicycle tour down a mountain in the pouring rain
  11. Suwon, South Korea – Taught ESL for a year
  12. Yangon, Myanmar – Chatted with a monk at the Shwedagon Paya


  1. Paris, France – Climbed the Eiffel Tower
  2. Bath, England – Walked through the Roman baths

Middle East

  1. Israel – Visited the various quarters in the Old City
  2. Palestinian Territories – Visited Yasser Arafat`s grave; saw the West Bank separation wall

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