Year In a Glance

I started making a list of notable life events back in 2011. It really helps to look back at how much you accomplish at the the year end, because it’s easy to forget!


  • Traveled to Jordan, Palestinian Territories and Israel


  • Participated in the first Canadian Investors Conference
  • Got published in the Ontario of College Teachers magazine
  • Discontinued my Audible subscription


  • Completed my first interview with a public school board in Ontario
  • Learned how to create pivot tables


  • Got my VSS check for job offer with WRDSB
  • Started Physical Therapy bundle on Cody app
  • Went to a YTT information session


  • Ran my first workshop at OAME 2017
  • Met Gail Vaz-Oxlade
  • Sold off all remaining mutual funds
  • Started 2nd roboadvisor


  • Got my belongings moved out of Waskaganish
  • Learned how to make time lapse videos on Go Pro Studio


  • Visited Upper Canada Village
  • Visited a cat cafe in Montreal with E.
  • Had my first splash park date with L.
  • Hiked around Elora Gorge with J.
  • Started wearing FiveFinger Vibrams
  • Hung out with cousins from Hong Kong and New York
  • Went on an obstacle course at Niagara Falls
  • Visited the Canadian Aerospace Museum


  • Visited Niagara Falls with extended relatives
  • Started Bunz-ing
  • Gave a piano lesson to C.
  • Moved to Waterloo, Ontario
  • Hung out with my Cody App friend, J. and her family in Montreal


  • Tried an Augmented Reality (AR) tour at TheMuseum
  • Started my Yoga Teacher Training
  • Took my first jiu jitsu class
  • Tried acroyoga at Grand River Rocks
  • Volunteered at the 33rd Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair and dressed up
  • Started substitute teaching for the WRDSB
  • Went barefoot hiking on the Bruce Trail


  • Went to my first vegan potluck in Waterloo
  • Organized my first Meetup (in many years)
  • Visited Katie and Jimmy in Barrie


  • Attended EdTalent
  • Drove to Val D’Or to get winter tires
  • Did my first night hike (6 km)
  • Completed a Core Restore / Yoga Tune-Up workshop



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