Year In a Glance

I started making a list of notable life events back in 2011. It really helps to look back at how much you accomplish at the the year end, because it’s easy to forget!


  • Went to my 4th escape room
  • Officially resigned from my former school board
  • Started online dating, for the first time
  • Had my first blind date
  • Started an AQ – Teacher Librarian Part 1
  • Started seeing a physiotherapist


  • Visited Alabama for the first time
  • Visited Pandora in DisneyWorld
  • Attended a Mardi Gras parade in Mobile, Alabama


  • Filed my taxes in Ontario, not Quebec
  • Applied for Employment Insurance
  • Taught my first yoga class at Queen Street Yoga
  • Ran a bouldering event for YTT crew
  • Saw Dan Bortolotti speak for the Toronto Public Library


  • Started training with a personal trainer at Goodlife

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