Car Maintenance

This is a list of concepts and ideas that I’m learning about cars and car maintenance. Crossed out terms means that I have not learned about it yet or practiced it yet:

  1. Filling up on gas: Does filling up on premium gas make a difference?
  2. Checking tire pressure and using nitrogen in the tires versus air.
  3. When do you use a block heater?
  4. How to open a frozen door.
  5. How to jump start up a car properly. (need to practice)
  6. How to switch out your windshield wipers (need to practice)
  7. How to fix a paint scratch on your car


  1. Winter tires are mandatory in Quebec between December 15 to March 15th

2 thoughts on “Car Maintenance

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  2. Nitrogen sucks!! Well I can only speak from personal experience but nitrogen is near to impossible to find anywhere north of Toronto (even the dealership didn’t have it in Val D’Or). Despite it supposedly being excellent for cold temperatures, I had a lot of “low pressure” signals this winter with my new nitrogen-filled tires. When the only alternative was to fill up with regular air, I was advised that it didn’t really matter in the end if you mixed air with nitrogen (dealership). So I have just forgotten about the whole nitrogen thing altogether.

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