My Classroom

Work has been going well. Starting to get into the flow of things. Thought I’d share a few posts of my classroom.

A note about working in a science lab with at-risk kids: you will get a lot of things broken. The name of the game here is to minimize the amount of equipment you lose and the time you spend picking things up; get organized to make it a little less work for yourself.


ABOVE: Duotang with log-in codes and passwords.

DSC_0003ABOVE: Kids in our schools don’t carry around their own supplies.
A kit makes it easy to get everyone set-up without wasting too much time walking
around the room looking for things.

DSC_0004ABOVE: Announcement board.

DSC_0010ABOVE: Student mailbox. This keeps papers off my desk and
at the end of the day, I just grab the folder to do my marking.


ABOVE: My classroom, at the end of the day, when the chaos has ended.


2 thoughts on “My Classroom

  1. Not too bad. I’ve been up here long enough that I’m familiar with how the kids are up here. They’re shy when it comes to answering questions and aren’t exactly the most creative, but I’m trying to illicit more engagement.

    The biggest complains I have is deal with cellphones though. I sent one down to the office and the principal took away the phone.

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